Thanks to a certain major motion picture and its fishy little starlet, the pet industry was anticipating a rise in interest for fish keeping, especially with children. To help Tetra capitalize on this increased demand, TAG launched an integrated marketing program to excite retailers, attract new customers, and grow sales. Our hook? GloFish®. Plus, Tetra’s exclusive line of GloFish® products.

To bring these elements to life, we worked with Blue Visual Design in Philadelphia, PA. Together, we created a little starlet of our own: Gloria GloFish®. At the same time, we also created several new animated characters for the Tetra brand — Tito, Cid, Carney, and others.

To prepare for their debut at Global Pet Expo, the pet industry’s largest trade show in the country, Tetra and TAG designed all the marketing materials, including the "Gloria GloFish® Experience" booth design, which featured live GloFish® tanks and sitting areas, wall posters, merchandising displays, and more. We launched a Gloria GloFish® landing page & Facebook page. We designed violators for Tetra GloFish® aquarium kits. We even created a Gloria GloFish® ornament. But the main attraction was an interactive video starring Gloria GloFish® herself. As attendees passed by Tetra’s booth, they could hear Gloria luring them over: Yoohoo! Hello! Come on in!  When someone entered the booth, a motion sensor triggered the Gloria GloFish® video to play where Gloria introduces herself to the viewer and explains just what GloFish® are and how much fun keeping them as a little “wet pets” can be.

This fishy, interactive experience made its mark among retailers. After watching the video, many of them asked if they could have a copy to play at their stores, so they could create their own "Gloria GloFish® Experience.” To that, we say “tanks” a lot!